Modafinil Cost Comparisons - The Advanced Guide

Wondering how much modafinil (tradename Provigil) costs? We've got you covered. The patent protecting provigil expired on October 22, 2010. However, Cephalon successfully extended this patent to April 6, 2015 for pediatric patients.

The following pricing information assumes that you use a coupon. We linked to coupon's from GoodRx, but other companies also carry similar coupons.

The cost of prescription modafinil is significantly higher than buying modafinil overseas. For example, Sun or Hab branded modafinil can be purchased from India for as little as $1 per 200 mg tablet.

Pharmacy Cost with coupon ($) Coupon link
Walmart 737.50 Link to coupon
Sams Club 737.50 Link to coupon
HealthWarehouse 555.00 Link to coupon
CVS Pharmacy 519.16 Link to coupon
Rite-Aid 202.29 Link to coupon
Walgreens 169.80 Link to coupon
Publix 152.71 Link to coupon
Safeway 128.32 Link to coupon
Target (CVS) 126.95 Link to coupon
Kroger Pharmacy 107.27 Link to coupon

Buying Modafinil Overseas

Vendor Cost Shipping fee Brands carried Links
AfinilExpress free Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor
DuckDose free Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor
ModafinilStar free Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor
Modapharma free Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor
RxRex free Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor $14.92 Sun (Modalert) Link to vendor