Buy Adrafinil – The Ultimate Adrafinil Buyer’s Guide

Many vendors offer adrafinil powder, but prices and quality vary widely.

Here are just a few ecommerce sites that sell adrafinil:

Because adrafinil is sold as a dietary supplement quality control is probably less stringent than for prescription drugs like modafinil.

Yet recently nootropics vendors have been pressured to improve quality control practices to maintain consumer confidence. Large pharmaceutical companies don’t necessarily need to disclose their quality control measures to the general public and are less scrutinized by the general public.

Before you buy adrafinil make sure that:

  • you’re confident in the reputation of the vendor
  • quality control measures are in place
  • you’ve decided whether to buy encapsulated vs bulk adrafinil powder
  • you understand the return policy and shipping times of the vendor

Adrafinil Vendor Summaries


PowderCity subjects their products to independent testing but is reluctant to post the results to respect the privacy of the lab. However, they will attach the COA and send it to you as a pdf upon request.

Update 09-30-16: PowderCity no longer sells adrafinil.

Nootropics Depot

NootropicsDepot doesn’t conduct 3rd party lab analysis, but they state of the art equipment in-house (like an HPLC machine) to evaluate the purity of their products.

NootropicsDepot is run by Paul, the founder of Ceretropic.

Organoleptic Analysis

organoleptic testing
After you buy adrafinil, you can also use “organoleptic analysis” to make an educated guess about whether or not you received actual adrafinil (sometimes mistakes do happen, like accidental mislabeling of powders).

Organoleptic analysis is just a highfalutin word for visually inspecting a compound to make sure that it matches online reports. You can evaluate its appearance (color, texture, crystal structure), odor, taste, and even whether its solubility properties in water.

The adrafinil sold on the internet usually has the appearance of a white powder with an orangish tint. Less commonly, encapsulated adrafinil is sold instead of the powder.

Free Powder vs Capsules

Adrafinil is an orange powderAdrafinil is a fine powder with an orange tint (source:

Though a matter of personal preference, encapsulated adrafinil is less convenient than the powder form. It affords less dosage control. It’s also more difficult with encapsulated adrafinil to use organoleptic verification to make sure that you received authentic adrafinil.

Sensitivity to medication varies widely. Thus some people will experience concrete benefits from lower doses, whereas others will be high-dose responders.

There’s an old study that reported a 10-fold difference in plasma levels of tricyclic antidepressants. This was among a group of patients that received the same dose. This example emphasizes one reason some people may be low-dose vs high-dose responders.

This heterogeneity in drug response is related to numerous differences. For example, genetic differences in the activity of the enzymes that metabolize drugs like adrafinil (e.g., the hepatic CYP enzymes) will influence the peak plasma concentrations and clearance.

Where to Buy Adrafinil

NootropicsDepot, PowderCity, Ceretropic, and LiftMode are all trusted vendors. New Star Nootropics also has niche a following (they’ve go those great signature amber jars).

PowderCity offer adrafinil at competitive prices and have a solid track record for selling quality nootropics. Nootropics Depot performs in-house lab testing, whereas PowderCity uses Colmaric Aanalyticals.

Adrafinil Vendors Comparison Chart

Vendor Quality Control Price Free shipping?
NootropicsDepot In-house lab testing $$ Over $50
PowderCity 3rd-party lab testing (not posted but available on request) $ Over $20
LiftMode 3rd-party lab testing (some results not posted) $$ Over $25
Ceretropic In-house lab testing $$$ No
New Star Nootropics 3rd-party lab testing $$ Free shipping over $50
Peak Nootropics 3rd-party lab testing (possibly not up to date)

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