Comparing Modafinil Vendors

In this guide, I’ll compare the best places to buy modafinil online. In my analysis, I consider things like:

  • vendor pricing
  • speed of delivery
  • shipping fees
  • intangibles like vendor reputation.

Why Has Modafinil Use Exploded?


Modafinil has supplanted Adderall as the smart drug of choice among college students. (You can read my comparison of Adderall vs modafinil here.)

In addition to being a drug used to treat disorders like chronic fatigue and narcolepsy, modafinil is an FDA-approved brain supercharger. Entrepreneurs like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof have been touting the benefits of modafinil for years.

What does modafinil feel like? It’s like a cup of coffee with a kick. Interestingly, modafinil is not a true psychostimulant, so it lacks most of the unfortunate side effects of amphetamine and methylphenidate.

For example, modafinil carries little risk of psychosis, hypertension or racing heart rate. My experience with modafinil has also been that it never makes me feel overstimulated or agitated. It promotes a state of relaxed concentration that allows me to manipulate concepts with ease. To invoke a threadbare metaphor, it’s like upgrading the RAM in your brain.

What underlies all these beneficial effects? It’s likely because modafinil enhances the functional connectivity of the default mode network[^3][^4].

Read This Before Buying Modafinil Online

So you want to buy modafinil online, huh? I don’t blame you, I’ve done it myself. Unless you have excellent insurance, a prescription for modafinil or armodafinil can be prohibitively expensive to fill.

Most people assume that buying pharmaceuticals online is pretty shady, and in many cases they’re right.

But not so with modafinil. There are a number of reliable vendors that sell modafinil. Increased competition in the smart drugs space has also driven prices down. It’s technically illegal to buy modafinil without a prescription in the United States. But very few have been prosecuted for possession without a prescription.

modafinil sun pharma logo

Modafinil is typically sold as 200 mg tablets. The largest manufacturers are Sun pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharma – both based in India. Sun pharmaceuticals brands their modafinil as Modalert, whereas HAB markets their version as Modvigil.

The active ingredient in both products is modafinil, which can be sold as a generic because Cephalon’s patent expired in 2015. India also has a track record of failing to respect US patent law.

Modalert is generally preferred because Sun is the more established company compared with HAB pharma. But there’s no objective evidence that Modalert is superior to Modvigil. Modvigil is a slightly cheaper.

Modafinil (R,S) R-Modafinil
Provigil (Brandname) Nuvigil (Brandname)
Modalert (Sun Pharma) Waklert (Sun Pharma)
Modvigil (Hab Pharma) Artvigil (Hab Pharma)

Provigil, Modalert, and Modvigil are all different brands of modafinil (racemic). Nuvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil are different brands of armodafinil.

At the moment, AfinilExpress and Duckdose are two of the more popular modafinil vendors.

Considerations When Buying Modafinil Online

Modafinil vs Armodafinil – Which Should You Get?

Most popular choice*

Drug Technical name Sun brand name (cost) HAB brand name (cost)
Modafinil (Provigil) racemic R,S-modafinil* Modalert ($$) Modvigil ($)
Armodafinil (Nuvigil) R-modafinil Waklert ($$$) Artvigil ($$)
Adrafinil This is a modafinil prodrug that can be legally sold as a nutraceutical in the US without a prescription. Available from a number of reliable adrafinil vendors.

Sun brand is considered superior to HAB. The reason is that Sun is a larger, more established company. However, I’ve never seen an actual analysis of Sun vs HAB modafinil, so any claim about superiority is just conjecture.

Here’s how I’d rank modafinil/armodafinil:

Waklert > Artvigil > Modalert > Modvigil

Provigil (modafinil) vs Nuvigil (armodafinil)

Armodafinil is generally better, but some people do prefer racemic modafinil to the purer armodafinil. Here’s a good rundown from Reddit on the difference:

To answer your question: Armodafinil has a quicker onset, requires a smaller dosage, and lasts a little longer. It also costs more. Modafinil is more popular because it has simply been around for longer. Armodafinil is also not available as a generic in certain countries like the USA due to patent protection. (trading as Nuvigil) For people who have just started, modafinil is a little less rough on the edges as it is not so intense.

Another useful experience report from a Redditor [^2] on the difference between armodafinil vs modafinil:

I’ve tried both Waklert and Modlert. They are both good/bad depending on what you are looking for.

200mg Modlert vs. 150mg Waklert:

Modlert to me feels a little nicer and softer. I take it at 7am when I wake up and it peaks quickly for the next 6 hours or so then starts to trail off. I usually feel a little tired throughout the day but not nearly as tired as I would be without it (FYI – I take it to be productive, not for medical reasons). I usually go to bed about 1am on modlert. (I would normally be asleep at 11:30 without taking anything)

Waklert takes a little longer to kick in. It feels cleaner than modlert, but not as warm and fuzzy. If I take it as 7am I’m awake until 3am. It does not trail off gently like modlert does. It can be 10pm and I’m still “peaking” wide-awake. It can be a little too strong if you ask me.

So to sum it up: I am productive on either one. I prefer Modalert for most days and Waklert when I need an extra boost.

Vendor Comparison – Pricing

Vendor Cost per 200 mg tablet (Modalert) Order quantity for quoted price Shipping cost Brand
AfinilExpress $1.60 100 Free All
Duckdose $1.60 50 _ All $1.23 30 14.92 Modalert
ModafinilStar $0.89 100 Free Modalert, Waklert
Modapharma 2.33 30 Free All


The legal status of modafinil in your country is an obvious consideration. Modafinil is a schedule IV drug in the United States. Other schedule IV drugs include Xanax and Ambien. So modafinil is illegal to purchase without a prescription. But cases where individuals were prosecuted for the illegal possession of modafinil are exceedingly rare. Rarely, customs will seize parcels containing modafinil. This is more of a nuisance for the consumer and the vendor than it is a legal liability. Because I could order modafinil and have it shipped to anyone, the government can never assume that just because modafinil was shipped to you, that you ordered it.


In general, armodafinil > modafinil > adrafinil in terms of potency and overall effectiveness. This makes a lot of sense pharmacologically, because armodafinil is the more biologically active isomer in racemic modafinil. Also, brand name > generic modafinil. Generic modafinil is ranked in terms of quality as follows:

Modapro > Modalert > Modavigil > Alertec > SpierX

I personally prefer Sun Pharma’s Armodafinil, Waklert. The most common form of generic modafinil sold online is Modalert by Sun Pharma, which seems to be a little bit more highly regarded than HAB Pharma’s Modvigil.


Free shipping is obviously ideal, but often is reflected in the price. In other words, vendors that offer free shipping tend to charge more to make up the difference. Even though it doesn’t matter, I prefer to order from vendors that offer free shipping. Psychologically, it is so painful to pay $15 just for shipping.

Vendor Policies

Vendor reliability is clearly important. Look for signs of:

  • A generous refund policy that covers situations where your order is lost or detained by customs
  • Reliable shipping confirmation and tracking info
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Trust signals and reputation (do they have a loyal following on /r/afinil, twitter, or elsewhere?)
  • Check SimiliarWeb or Google Trends to quantitatively verify that vendor gets actual web traffic.
  • An SSL secured checkout page, terms of service, privacy policy, and so fourth are also good signs.


New kid on the block, but ModafinilCat vouched for them immediately prior to going defunct. Accepts credit cards without any issues (e.g., declined transactions).


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: free


Great branding, friendly customer service. Check the subreddit /r/duckdose to learn more. Accepts credit cards and bitcoin.


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: free


A relatively new vendor, but initial reviews have been promising. Very cheap.


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: free


Offers a free sample in exchange for a review. On the pricier side of the spectrum but seems reliable.


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: free


Has been in business for over three years, which is rare in this industry. Loyal following on Reddit (see/r/rxrex).


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: free

See /r/modup.


Brands: Sun (Modalert)

Shipping: $14.92