5 Creative Ways to Consume Caffeine – Including Caffeinated Toothpaste!

A large fraction of the world drinks coffee to wake up in the morning. Brushing your teeth is also a morning ritual. Why not combine the two activities?

Power Toothpaste lays claim as the first caffeinated toothpaste. “Get a rush while you brush!” is their slogan.

One tube of Power Toothpaste contains the equivalent of 90 cups of coffee.

Product Details

Here are some more important details about Power Toothpaste.

  • Power Toothpaste is made in entirely in America, in FDA and CGMP-compliant facilities.
  • Power eliminates morning grogginess. Power kicks into gear immediately, blasting away morning fog in a manner of minutes.
  • Power doesn’t deliver a megablast of caffeine, but provides a subtle buzz, increasing focus and alertness, all without a crash.
  • Regular coffee drinkers who use our toothpaste still enjoy their morning cup of coffee – the difference is they feel great as they are getting ready and don’t find themselves staring anxiously at a coffee machine, waiting for it to slowly finish brewing.
  • Power beats plaque and tartar buildup the same as the leading brands. Not to mention that Power whitens your teeth, compared to coffee which stains and darkens.

Go Cubes: Chewable Coffee

Nootrobox recently launched this product. Go Cubes combine the jolt of coffee with the relaxing properties of green tea.

One serving delivers 100 mg of caffeine. Nootrobox states:

But it’s more than just coffee. Through Nootrobox’s R&D, we’ve reduced the jitteriness of caffeine and added nootropics for a well-rounded, steady and focused feel.

Which Go Cube ingredients purportedly take the edge off of caffeine? Nootrobox elaborates that each serving also contains:

  • 200 mg L-theanine
  • 20 mg Vitamin B3
  • 2 mg Vitamin B6
  • 6 mpg Vitamin B12
  • 250 mg Glucurono-lactone
  • 250 mg Inositol
  • 400 mcg Folic Acid

Sudden Coffee

We normally think of instant coffee as a last resort. Sudden Coffee defies this expectation with their high-end instant coffee.

Here’s what Chris Messina has to say about Sudden Coffee:

The New York Times calls it Instant Coffee You’ll Actually Want to Drink and I’d have to agree. As a coffee snob, Kalle knows his shit — he’s literally the 9th best coffee taster and 9th best barista in the world.

I’ve been taking Sudden with me on trips and love it — it saves me from overroasted, charcoal-like coffee found at megabrands around the world, packs light, and most importantly, tastes great.


Neurogum launched in 2015 after a successful IndieGoGo campaign that generated over 20,000 dollars.

NeuroGum is similar to Nootrobox’s Chewable Coffee. It contains:

  • 40 mg Caffeine
  • 60 mg L-theanine
  • 30% DV Vitamin B6
  • 100% DV Vitamin B12

One of the NeuroGum founder’s describes their thought process that led to the development of NeuroGum on /r/nootropics:

Nearly two years ago, my brother (best friend) and I began working on NeuroGum, the first sugar-free caffeine + L-theanine nootropic gum. We saw all these other companies charging exorbitant amounts of money simply encapsulating caffeine and L-theanine, and we began brainstorming ways of creating an alternative that was delicious, affordable, and also portable. Beyond that, we wanted a way of making nootropics more accessible to the average consumer.

So we borrowed some money and began experimenting by putting caffeine and L-theanine into a gum base. Of course, that first iteration tasted terrible and it crumbled apart. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally began working with a certified gum chemist, and over a dozen iterations later, we finally found a way of cold compressing caffeine, l-theanine, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee markets itself as the “world’s strongest coffee.”

Here’s the founder’s pitch:

Death Wish Coffee is the strongest, highest-caffeine coffee available, with a resulting buzz that blows other coffees out of the water.

And because we’ve taken the time to source fair-trade, USDA-certified organic coffee beans and refine our roasting techniques, we’ve created a high-caffeine coffee with low acidity that tastes good, too. Enjoy the smoothest, most robust flavors that are fresh and bold while you sip a beverage powerful enough to wake up Odin himself from his centuries-long nap.

Downsides? It’s on the pricier end of the spectrum. A one-pound bag sells for $19.99. It’s also unclear how much more caffeine DeathWish coffee contains compared with convention coffee.

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