Where’s the best place to buy nootropics online? I’ve spend years experimenting with nootropics and have ordered from virtually every vendor out there. This short guide will help you benefit from my experience buying nootropics over the internet. When buying supplements of any kind online, you should remain skeptical and only order from established, reliable vendors. A good resource to evaluate vendor reliability is Reddit’s Reliable Supplier List.

We’ve ranked different nootropic vendors based on different criteria. We focused on these factors when ranking vendors:

  • Vendor reputation
  • Quality control
  • Customer service
  • Packaging
  • Pricing

Nootropics Depot

nootropics depot logo

Rating: A+

Paul, owner of Ceretropic, acquired Nootropics Depot from Hard Rhino Supplements. Don’t forget to check out our Nootropics Depot coupon codes.

Quick summary:

  • They use in-house testing with an HPLC machine
  • Products are packaged in factory-sealed plastic jars with professional labels
  • Pricing: $$ (affordable but not the cheapest option)
  • Wide selection (42 different encapsulated products, 76 different powder products)
  • Nootropics Depot recently lost their payment processor and so you may need to pay with bitcoin

Star Nootropics

star nootropics logo

Rating: A –

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Quick summary:

  • Star Nootropics recently rebranded themselves (they were formerly named New Star Nootropics aka NSN).
  • Star nootropics has been around for a long time and has a following on Reddit.
  • Historically they’ve had a narrow product offering – they sold mostly racetams. But in the last few months they’ve expanded their products.
  • Pricing: $ (very inexpensive).


ceretropic logo

Rating: A-

Quick summary:

  • One of /r/nootropics favorite vendors
  • Continually pushes the envelope with new products
  • Offers many different sublingual nootropic solutions that can be virtually impossible to find elsewhere
  • Longstanding dedication to innovation and quality control
  • In-house laboratory testing with an HPLC machine
  • Pricing: $$$ (expensive)
  • Despite the above perks, Ceretropic is rated A- due to their ongoing payment processing issues. However, placing an order is hassle-free if you have a bitcoin wallet.
  • Also owned by Paul who runs Nootropics Depot


powdercity logo

Rating: B +

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Quick summary:

  • PowderCity has historically been among the largest and most successful nootropics vendors.
  • Their packaging is minimalistic to keep costs low
  • They recently had to slash many nootropics from their catalogue, which is why we rated them B+.
  • They use Colmaric Analyticals for independent laboratory analysis of their products.
  • Pricing: $ (inexpensive).


bluebrainboost logo

Rating: B-

Quick summary:

  • Independent laboratory testing by Colmaric Analyticals
  • Generous customer support
  • Swanky packaging
  • Pricing: $$ (affordable)
  • Limited selection (less than 20 products)
  • Some documented quality control incidents prior to a change in ownership in 2016

Peak Nootropics

peak nootropics logo

Rating: B –

Quick summary:

  • Peak Nootropics was recently sold to a new owner, so only time will tell if quality is maintained under new management.
  • Peak Nootropics is considered a reliable vendor according to /r/nootropics.
  • Unlike PowderCity and NootropicsDepot, Peak is exclusively focused on nootropics. They don’t sell other types of supplements or herbs.
  • Peak Nootropics packages their products in reclosable bags.
  • Pricing: $$ (affordable)


amazon logo

Rating: B –

Quick summary:

  • Ordering nootropics from Amazon affords unparalleled convenience
  • Fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Benefit from ordering through one of the world’s largest companies
  • A big downside is the narrow product offering. Amazon doesn’t sell many nootropics including racetams. However, you can find nootropics like CDP-Choline, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B12 and others.
  • Pricing: $$ (affordable)

Absorb Your Health

absorb your health logo

C +

  • Pricing: $$$ (expensive)
  • Vendor quality control practices are undisclosed
  • A few bad experiences reported on /r/nootropics and elsewhere
  • Markets nootropics in a way that’s potentially deceptive