This post is all about where to find the best tianeptine sources on the web. Before getting into the nitty-gritty details about vendors, I discuss:

  • the legality of tianpetine
  • the advantages of tianeptine over conventional antidepressants.

Skip down if you’re not interested in these finer points.

Tianeptine is a novel nootropic that’s prescribed in Europe for the treatment of depression. It’s technically a tricyclic antidepressant. Curiously, it lacks most side effects associated with traditional tricyclics.

For example, conventional tricyclic antidepressants like amitryptaline may cause severe side effects like:

  • sedation
  • orthostatic hypotension
  • anticholinergic effects

For an as yet undisclosed reason, tianeptine lacks these side effects. This is obviously a Good ThingTM.

Why Take Tianeptine?

Tianeptine really shines when it comes to mood enhancement. It has mild opoioid effects, because it activates the mu-opioid receptor in the brain.

I personally think that tianeptine’s antidepressant effect stems mostly from this opioid activity, though tianeptine does impact other systems in the brain. Tianeptine is also considered by many to be a nootropic drug, i.e., a cognitive enhancer. That’s because tianeptine seems to reverse stress-induced hippocampal atrophy and restore neuroplasticity.

Practical Tips

Tianeptine is very sensitive to light, temperature and most of all – moisture. Therefore if you buy tianpetine, I recommend also getting dessicant packets (available from ULINE). Make sure to get food grade or pharmaceutical grade dessicant.

Dessicant is more hygroscopic than tianeptine, which sucks the moisture out of the tianpetine. Water causes tianeptine to degrade over time. When you open a jar of tianeptine, it’s best to minimize the time that the tianeptine is exposed to air, since air contains a lot of moisture.

Tianeptine is a prescription drug in many parts of the world. Despite this fact, purchasing tianeptine online is a simple and straightforward process. In the United States, Canada, and Australia, tianeptine is an unscheduled drug and may therefore be imported or bought for personal use. You can find a complete list of countries where tianeptine is a prescription drug.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tianeptine Online

  • Vendor reliability – is the vendor considered reliable?
  • Quality control – do they conduct independent, 3rd party laboratory testing?
  • Customer service – are they responsive to emails and have a phone number posted?
  • Return policy – do they allow returns or will they reimburse you if a parcel is seized by customs, lost, or stolen?
  • Packaging – is the packaging sexy? (The aesthetic matters!)
  • Pricing – how competitive is their pricing compared with other vendors?
  • Accessories – do orders include scoops?

Vendor Rankings and Reviews

Where NOT To Get Tianeptine Online

You know those overseas pharmaceutical sites with cheesy pictures of smiling doctors? Please avoid those sites. I’m talking about sites with pictures like this:

Nootropics Depot

Quality control: in-house (e.g. HPLC machine)

Nootropics Depot

Our nootropics depot coupon codes are listed on this page.

Nootropics Depot was originally owned by Hard Rhino before it was acquired by Ceretropic. Nootropics Depot represents an excellent compromise between value and quality. The brand was overhauled in 2016 after the change in ownership. The new packaging is pretty fancy. The company is managed by MYASD who has helped the nootropics community with independent lab testing in the past.

One thing that reassures me about Nootropics Depot is their in-house lab testing. Because it’s in-house, they don’t need to wait 1-2 months and pay $250 to test their tianpetine. This lowers the barriers to testing and disincentivizes cutting corners.


Container type: jars, dropper bottles, nasal sprays

Quality control: in-house lab testing

Perks: strong brand


Ceretropic is a high-end nootropics vendor that offers a lot of cutting-edge products that you can’t find anywhere else. They are probably one of the most expensive nootropics vendors.

One consideration is that Ceretropic lost their credit card processing in 2017. Therefore to place an order you need to pay with bitcoin or via e-check.

Ceretropic has the most novel, high-end products, and is thus capable to charge a big premium for staples like Phenibut.


TianeptineStore based in Europe, also offers both tianeptine sodium and tianeptine sulphate.

I haven’t ordered from them personally, but I’ve heard positive reviews.

Their tianpetine is 3rd-party tested by Colmaric Analyticals. Lab test results can be inspected here here.


Update: PowderCity recently went out of business.

PowderCity coupon codes can be found here.

Container type: foil bag (exclusives included)

Quality control: third party lab analysis by Colmaric Analyticals

Perks: free national shipping over $20, regular sales and discount codes


I’m a big fan of PowderCity, but they slashed most of their nootropics in late 2016/early 2017. PowderCity is the biggest company in this list (40+ employees). Their size makes them subject to more regulatory scrutiny and oversight than other brands.

As of February 16th, they’ve stopped offering a lot of nootropic staples like racetams and tianeptine. But for the selection they do still stock, they’ve got a fantastic value proposition.

PowderCity is the “Walmart” of the nootropics space. Their products are inexpensive and their packaging is minimalistic.


Container type: jar

Quality control: assorted; some products are independently analyzed, but for others no documentation is posted


Based on their Reddit activity, the owners of NewMind seem like good people. NewMind is the sister site to LiftMode. Their products generally receive favorable reviews.

However, certificates of analysis aren’t posted for all their products and so its difficult to assess their quality control practices.

Another downside to NewMind is that you need to apply to create an account. This is not difficult to do. It’s just a way to for NewMind to limit liability and keep their payment processer.

Star Nootropics

(formerly NewStarNootropics or NSN.)

Star Nootropics coupon codes can be found here.

Container type: amber vial

Quality control: independent laboratory testing by Colmaric Analyticals

Perks: Many people really enjoy NewStarNootropics’ amber packaging. NSN has a faithful following. But their brand diminished in popularity since they were penalized by Google, and no longer show up in the Google search engine results page.

Buying Tianeptine in the US

Star Nootropics Buying tianeptine in the US is a straightforward process and not any more risky than buying other types of products online. In the United States (US) tianeptine is unscheduled. So it can be legally bought and sold in the US without a prescription.

Tianeptine was never evaluated for FDA approval because the drug patent was slated to expire and FDA approval is costly. It may therefore be legally obtained without a prescription.

In many European countries, tianeptine is a prescription drug. So purchasing it over the internet is a little more challenging, depending on where you’re located. The risks of buying tianeptine also depend on your country’s laws regarding the importation of prescription drugs.

United States (US) Tianeptine Vendors

The major US tianeptine vendors are:

  • Nootropics Depot
  • Ceretropic
  • NewMind

Tianeptine is a little more obscure than some other ubiquitous nootropics like piracetam. But it’s still not hard to find. All of the above vendors are reliable.

Buying Tianeptine in Canada

Tianeptine is not a prescription drug in Canada – it’s unscheduled. This means that it’s treated like a nutraceutical and there are little-to-no repercussions for buying tianeptine online.

There aren’t any major nootropics vendors based out of Canada. Peak Nootropics is headquartered in Canada, but they use an order fulfillment services company in the US. This is because the US has the largest market for nootropics. The next largest market is Europe.

If you’re located in Canada, your best bet is buying tianeptine from a US-based vendor. It’s true that international shipping times are longer and that very rarely some packages might not make it through customs. But in general, buying tianeptine from a US nootropics vendor is uneventful.

Nootropics regulation varies so considerably from nation to nation. It may be difficult for residents or travelers to learn what the law and regulations permit.

Canadian nootropic enthusiasts should consider not only laws affecting their importation, but also how nootropics are regulated. Most Canadian users of smart drugs import at least some portion, if not all, of their nootropics. It’s important to know what can be imported, in what quantities, outside Canada.

Regulation of Nootropics in Canada

Canada regulates approved drugs by assigning a Drug Identification Number (DIN) to each medication. If a DIN has been assigned to a drug, then it’s considered “controlled” plus a prescription is required.

It’s important to note, though, that it’s allowable to import most prescribed drugs to the country for private use for those who own a prescription for them. “Personal use” usually equates to a three-month or less supply.

It’s permissible to import nootropics that are unregulated, in quantities for that could be deemed for personal use. Nootropics aren’t permitted to be imported on a large scale, e.g., for commercial purposes or for distribution.

Nutritional Supplements in Canada

Any exhaustive research on mental improvement will include details about the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthier mind and body.

These kinds of supplements are readily available to Canadian citizens nutrients stores, in health food shops and through online vendors. No prescription is needed and various brands and delivery systems (powder, capsule, tablet, liquid) are available from which to select.

You will usually not see the stronger nootropics available in Canada due to the legal grey area they fall under. But nootropic use remains unlimited in Canada because these nutritional supplements are readily available over the internet.

Canadian residents are allowed to purchase and import most nootropics without a prescription. Drugs that are prescribed by your physician can usually be imported. Most residents that are Canadian import their nootropics from reliable vendors in the States.